About Us

Our Story

Norniella Management Company was founded to help investors maximize their bottom line. Through our own personal experiences relying on a property management company to manage our income producing properties, we recognized landlords were not receiving the service they deserve. Our property managers provide you with complete access, advice and information, with full transparency.  Our property managers recognize the need for technology, resident screening, accurate leases, and much more to best leverage your investment. Norniella Management Company was created with a specific purpose. Our purpose, then and now, is to maximize the investor’s bottom line while providing a boutique-like operation with expertise in all aspects of the property management process.  Norniella Management Company is licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission under License #9006066.

Meet the Team

Ramon Norniella
CEO of Norniella Management Company
Ramon was formerly the President of two divisions as well as Chief Development Officer of a billion dollar company dedicated to the apartment/home industry.  During his 30 year tenure as President, Ramon managed thousands of employees and focused on making service second to none. His commitment to his customers, as well as the team of professionals around him, was paramount to the success of the company. The same business model and basic principles that guided Ramon in his corporate success are now guiding Norniella Management Company.
Bryce Norniella

Vice President of Client Relations, Property Manager and Licensed Realtor®
Bryce is a graduate of the University of Arkansas. He graduated Summa Cum Laude in the Honors College at the Sam Walton School of Business with a major in Finance and minor in Spanish. His first-hand experience in the real estate industry allows him to understand everything that clients of Norniella Management Company will need when it comes to their investment properties. Additionally, as an owner of his own investment properties, Bryce knows what it takes to meet the needs of property owners and provide exceptional service.

Ernesto B. Andujar
Vice President of Business Development
Ernesto’s first experience with real estate started with his grandfather. His grandfather owned two multi-family units in Brooklyn, NY, and his mother was the superintendent for both investments. As a little boy he would take a walk with his mother to knock on each door and collect rent, while creating relationships with the tenants and their families. This relational family business model stirred a passion for real estate within Ernesto. Now, Ernesto’s love for real estate is being pumped into the very heart of Norniella Management Company.

Judy Andujar
Director of Business Development
Judy has a vibrant background in sales and marketing. She has overseen special projects, strategic partnerships, campaigns, and branding efforts across North Texas for property management companies. Previous to real estate, she was a million dollar producer in healthcare business development. Judy is an active mother and finds pride in overseeing her energetic home of four children, as well as in her efforts to make Norniella Management Company a home for property owners.  She loves the North Texas lifestyle, cooking for friends and family, gardening and reading. She strives to make every place she works a thriving reflection of her own positivity. Welcome home to Norniella Management Company!
Andrè Thirkield
Property Coordinator
Andre is one of those guys! One of those guys that brightens the atmosphere when he enters the room. Andre has a vigorous background in sales and marketing and he also knows the DFW area better than most. His industry knowledge and easy going vibe make him a pleasure to work with.  Apart from Norniella Management Company, Andre enjoys family time with his wife and two daughters and is an avid sports fan.
David Baker-Rivera
Director of Leasing
David is the unequivocal MVP on the NMC team. He is the first connecting point for our clients, and does an excellent job of sharing the vision of NMC. He is a graduate of The University of Southern California, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Marshall School of Business. David's presence in the real estate industry has stemmed from his 10 years of property management, along with his 7 years of residential and commercial real estate sales. His uncanny industry knowledge has allowed him to be well versed in various aspects of business negotiations. David is a key component to the progression of Norniella Management Company and its prospective clients. In his past life he was a competitive gymnast, making it to the Olympic trials. He still enjoys being active, reading, and traveling.

John Myer
Business Development Coordinator
John's passion for leadership development and creating lasting connections is a perfect fit for what motivates our team at NMC. After completing his MBA, John began looking for an opportunity to transition from management and development in the non-profit sector to the vibrant DFW real estate industry. The rest, as they say, is history. His fingerprints can be seen all over the company as he integrates our vision into expanding NMC's service-oriented DNA throughout North Texas.
Osmara Salazar
Property Administrator
Osmara’s focus is customer oriented; she is passionate about delivering unsurpassed client and resident aid. Operating with 9+ years of hands on Property Management, she breaks the ceiling in her position as a Property Administrator. When you think of Osmara, you see Optimism, Self-motivation, Martialism, Adaptability, Responsibility, & Ambitiousness. Not to mention Bi-lingual and most of all trustworthy. All of these are not only qualities of an amazing property manager, but also of a loving mother. In her free time, she enjoys reading, spending time with her daughter and family, traveling, outdoor adventures, and cooking. A combination of the passion and execution makes her most equip to handle your assets.