How to Evict a Renter

No landlord wants to talk about evictions, since they hope for the best with each of their renters. But if you’ve been in the business long enough, you know that situations can arise which call for decisive action. It’s not a fun part about being a landlord or property manager, but it a necessary one.…
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7 Signs You May Need a Property Manager

The key to successful property management is staying on top of things. Managing just one rental home can be a highly-involved task, and sometimes you just need help. Dealing with tenants, handling maintenance issues, and collecting rent can all easily overwhelm someone, especially if you are doing these tasks at several different houses. Take a…
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When is it legal to change the locks on your rental in Texas?

Texas statutes concerning residential leases can be difficult to figure out. But, if you think about it, it makes sense why there has to be so many specific regulations surrounding rental properties. Potential residents must have certain protections in place to ensure that they can remain for the full duration of their agreement. On the…
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