Management Services

handshake-small At Norniella Management Company, we have over 30 years of industry-related experience getting to know what owners/investors are looking for from a property management company. We get it – you want the solid, passive investment income that comes with owning your own property without the stress and hassle that sometimes comes with it. We understand, which is why we are prepared to leverage all of the benefits of real estate to your advantage with none of the downsides – simple as that.

We will take over the management of your property(s) from the ground up. We will handle marketing, resident screening, placement, evictions and more.

As a company that wants to provide superior service and prosper in a particular niche, please remember:

  • We specialize in single family homes, duplexes and small multi-family dwellings across North Texas
  • A dedicated professional will be assigned to your account. No need to go through a call center
  • We offer clear, simple, flexible contracts. Thirty day cancellation clause if not satisfied. No questions asked
  • We have competitive management fees, no hidden costs, very clear and upfront financial reporting