Choosing The Right Renter

A great renter can make all the difference when you are establishing a property's reputation. The right people may seem hard to find, but there is hope for managers seeking the best of the best. These easy tips can make your job just a little bit easier and might turn your property into one of the area's most desirable choices.

Talk To The Prospective Renter

One of the best pieces of advice that any property manager can follow is also one of the most simple. Look past that paper or electronic form and reach out to your prospective renter. A phone conversation is a great start that helps you establish a tone for an in-person interview. Before the face-to-face meetings, carefully produce a list of questions that will give you a better idea about them. Make sure during both conversations that you listen, instead of just waiting to transition between questions. Simply listening to what the applicant has to say can reveal a great deal of information as well as explanations.

Get That Background Check

It might seem like a no-brainer, yet some managers fail to get a background check that covers everything needed for a proper assessment. A comprehensive check should include:

  • Credit Report - These records should be used to assess an applicant's reliability as well as their financial history.
  • Collections, Bankruptcies, and Foreclosures - While a bankruptcy or foreclosure does not tell the full story of a potential renter's story, it's important to know any cases where they may have been in serious financial trouble.
  • Criminal Records and Sex Offender Registry - This goes without saying, but a comprehensive criminal records search is crucial in looking at an applicant's background. Make sure the sex offender registry is a part of the search, especially if children will be on or near the property.

Renters change the entire atmosphere of a property. Following these simple steps does make a difference. Contact Norniella Management Company today to see how easy it can be with the right team behind you.

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