How to Make Your Property More Attractive to Renters

Each day your rental property is vacant means you lose rental income. However, there are some simple steps you can take to make your property attractive to potential renters.

Curb appeal – a renter that does not like the outside of the property, may not be willing to look inside. Make a great first impression by:

  • Removing any trash or debris from the yard
  • Keeping the grass short, trimming branches and shrubs, pulling weeds, and planting flowers
  • Making sure the home’s exterior is clean, painted, and free of any damage
  • Pressure washing the driveway, fence, and porch areas
  • Ensuring outside fixtures, house numbers, and the mailbox are in good condition

 Fresh paint – an inexpensive and simple way to update the interior of your property is by applying a new coat of neutral paint. Pick an easy to clean option like satin or semi-gloss to reduce the need to repaint when it gets marked or dirty. Paint the home’s exterior if needed as well.

 Kitchen and bathrooms – kitchen and bathrooms are a huge selling point for renters! Clean the rooms from top to bottom, repair any damages, and replace anything that is broken or not working.

 Highlight the positives – when advertising to renters, highlight the things that make your property unique and desirable such as floor to ceiling windows, a claw foot bathtub, or ample outdoor space.

Now that your property looks its best, let Norniella Management Company help you find the perfect renters. Learn more about our services by calling 888-979-5357.

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