Improving Your Renter/Landlord Relationship

As a landlord, one of the keys to your success is having good relationships with your renter. You should actively work to improve and maintain this relationship at all times if you want the best results. Here are some tips for having the best renter/landlord relationship you can.

Quick Service

First and foremost, the biggest thing you can do to make sure your renters are happy is to keep their rental well-maintained. This means fixing apparent problems between renters and quickly responding to any maintenance requests your current renter may make. As painful as it can be to spend money on lots of maintenance, it will keep your renters happy and your property in one piece for longer.

Offer Convenience

There was a time when mailing a check or driving somewhere to pay your landlord wasn't a big deal, but online payment options have made it significantly easier to pay from anywhere. You should always make things as convenient as possible for your renters, especially when it comes to things like paying bills and requesting maintenance.

Be Transparent

These days, most people will look at your available properties through a website. It's your job to make sure any property you have listed online is completely accurate, from the pictures and availability all the way down to the amenities, size, and pricing. You don't want to start a renter/landlord relationship off with disappointment because of an inaccurate listing.


As is generally the case with all relationships, one key to having a good relationship with your renters is clear communication. This doesn't simply mean simply getting in touch with them from time to time, but also having an open line of communication that they feel they can use to contact you at any time.

A Helping Hand

Improving your renter/landlord relationship can be difficult, but a good property management company can help. Norniella Management Company can help list properties, process payments online and deal with maintenance requests. To learn more about how we can help manage your rental properties, give us a call at (888) 979-5357 today.

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